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Play with the Cat


Ensure that the Cat is installed and running, and the LLM is configured.

Chatting with the Cat: the Admin Portal playground

The Cat is an API-first framework, and it doesn't provide a ready-to-use UI for the end user. It is your responsibility to implement this UI. However, the Cat offers a playground that you can use to quickly test the AI you are implementing.

To access playground, go to the Admin Portal at localhost:1865/admin, and click on the Home tab. This tab serves as the playground for chatting with the Cat.

Try to ask something about socks, e.g. "what do you know about socks?". The Cat will give a generic answer. Afterward, we will expand this general knowledge with more specific information.

You have learned how to use the playground to test your AI via the Admin Portal.

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More Info

Admin Portal → Home

Next Step

In the next step, you will learn how to interact with the Cat by API.