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Why am I getting the error RateLimitError in my browser console?

Please check if you have a valid credit card connected or if you have used up all the credits of your OpenAI trial period.

Docker has no permissions to write

This is a matter with your docker installation or the user you run docker from. Usually you can resolve it by using sudo command before calling any docker command, but it's better to create a docker group on your Linux system and give root-level privileges to docker.

The Cat seems not to be working from inside a Virtual Machine

In VirtualBox, you can select Settings->Network, then choose NAT in the "Attached to" drop down menu. Select "Advanced" to configure the port forwarding rules. Assuming the guest IP of your VM is (the default) and the ports configured in the .env files are the defaults, you have to set at least the following rule:

Rule name Protocol Host IP Host Port Guest IP Guest Port
Rule 1 TCP 1865 1865

If you want to work on the documentation of the Cat, you also have to add one rule for port 8000 which is used by mkdocs, and to configure mkdocs itself to respond to all requests (not only localhost as per the default).