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🔌 Preparing a Plugin

Plugins are packages of Tools and Hooks. You don't distribute a Tool or a Hook directly, you will distribute a Plugin containing them.

Creating the Plugin

In this step, we will prepare an empty plugin and in the next steps we will insert a Tool and a Hook inside it.

To create a plugin just create a new folder in core/cat/plugins/, for our first plugin the folder name will be poetic_sock_seller.

You need two files to your plugin folder:

├── core
│   ├── cat
│   │   ├── plugins
|   |   |   ├── poetic_sock_seller
|   |   |   |   ├
|   |   |   |   ├ plugin.json

The plugin.json file contains plugin's title and description, and is useful in the Admin Portal to recognize the plugin and activate/deactivate it.

plugin.json example:

    "name": "Poetic Sock Seller",
    "description": "Description of poetic_sock_seller"

The file will contain Tools and Hooks source code and can be left completely empty for this step.

Activating the Plugin

Now, go to the Plugin tab of the Admin Portal. Your empty plugin will be there, activate it:

Alt text

More Info

Developers → Plugins Reference → Plugin

Next Step

In the next step, you will learn how to create your first Tool.